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Due to a lack of Infrastructure funding, Church Links has now closed.

The information on this website will continue to be available until February 2015. After this date, the website will be removed.

The information shown about each church in Walsall, in The Directory, was updated in April-June 2014 and is as up to date as possible. Any information not shown, is because it was unavailable at the time of the alterations.

We hope you find this useful.

The Church Links Directory

There are at least 129 churches in Walsall. Details have been collected into the Church Links Directory. The Directory is available on line and will soon be available as a hard copy at Walsall Reference Library.

The Database holds information about all Churches within the Walsall area.

It will tell you where to find each Church and information about Service Times, Activities and what Facilities are available.

You can also use it to search specifically for Churches in your area, a particular denomination, Facility or Hobby.


Current and archived news about Church Links and churches in our area.


If your Church is planning a Project, this section will give you some guidance on what to consider when fundraising. There are also thousands of possible Trusts that give money every year, we can suggest what information you need to tell Trusts when applying to them.

We also have funding software available that can help track down the most likely Trusts to consider giving your Project money.

Child Protection

Everyone has a responsibility to put children’s needs first, and every church needs to set an example by safeguarding the children and vulnerable adults with whom it comes into contact.

Churches and Disability

This Act is already in force but new provisions, which will significantly affect some Churches, came into effect in 2004


If your Church has charitable status (and most do either in their own right or as part of their denomination) you may be able to make a saving on some of the VAT that you pay.

Web Links

Some useful links to other websites.